When New Laws Are Harmful

The purpose of laws is to protect the public and to make society function more efficiently and effectively. Most good laws have at their core some harm they are trying to prevent. So what happens when laws are introduced, or old laws repealed which actually increase potential harm?

The recent promise by @realDonaldTrump to repeal environmental protection legislation is a current example of laws that will make actions that are harmful, legal. What is the purpose of such a law?

To reduce the costs of doing business. But at what cost to our health? Does it matter that the air is polluted? Or the water we drink makes us sick? Or that polluted rivers destroy wild life? How do you balance the right to make a profit versus the right not to be harmed?

Well as far as @POTUS is concerned, we don’t matter.

The ideas at the heart of Legal but Harmful are at the root cause of why so many good people do bad things. We will explore these topics over the coming months.


If you know of actions that you believe are legal but harmful, let me know!

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