Programme Design and Development

Every programme is organisation specific. No two programmes are the same.

The first step in programme development is to uncover the real needs, issues, concerns and the level of commitment. Common issues and concerns include:

  • regulatory investigation of management of compliance,  financial crime, risk management and culture
  • organisational culture and behaviour, including distortions from structure, strategy, history and the systems of reward and recognition
  • organisational embedding of the 3 lines of defence
  • the often fractious relationship between business and the second line functions
  • poor staff engagement levels
  • training and initiative exhaustion

Once the substantive topics are agreed, the materials are developed using the latest insights from neuroscience to maximise effectiveness in what is always a time limited environment.

The content was so compelling that ownership was instant. It spoke at once to the mind and the heart, to positively impact behaviours. Prabu Ganapathy

Specialist employees provide client specific content, which we restructure to fit into our learning and embedding approach.

Group wide programmes typically consist of:

  • A one day programme for managers
  • A multi day programme to train Change Leaders
  • Phase 2 Engagement Cascade™ for embedding
  • Supporting collateral material
  • Supporting communications material (developed in conjunction with the communications department)

Functional Cooperation

Programme Development requires consultation and a close working relationship with:

  • Human Resources to understand issues with culture, values, policies and performance management
  • Training and Development to avoiding scheduling conflicts and training fatigue
  • Communications to develop messaging and ensure sufficient bandwidth and timing of messages in the communications calendar

We also work closely with the technical functions such as Compliance, Financial Crime, Operational Risk and Internal Audit.

Generic Programmes

We also design and deliver 1 and 2 day generic programmes with modules on: