Change Leader Development

Change Leaders are talented managers from the business. Even when the programme has a specialist focus such as compliance or financial crime, we avoid using subject matter experts or professional trainers as Change Leaders.

Training Change Leaders takes 4 – 5 days, in a residential intensive format.

Skills and Organisational Practices Content

The key areas of expertise and understanding they will develop include:

  • communications
  • facilitation
  • drivers of behaviour
  • building and destroying trust
  • leadership
  • culture
  • the role of values, business principles, policies and procedures and the pitfalls of a legalistic approach
  • change processes – personal and organisational

All of the Change Leader skills are necessary for senior leadership development.

Specific Issue Content

The specific needs and maturity of the client will determine the technical content which often include:

  • embedding of other initiatives requiring changes in mind set, work practices or culture.
  • making the 3 lines of defence work
  • the changing role of the second line (compliance, AML, KYC, risk)
  • the power of a compliance culture
  • compliance topics
  • financial crime topics

The spine of the Change Leader programme is the 1 day programme they will deliver to managers. Change Leaders will need to understand more than how to rote deliver a comprehensive slide pack. By the end of the programme they will have a  solid foundation and insight into the underlying philosophical and technical issues placed in the context of their organisation’s strategy.