The Manager Programme

The manager programme design is totally dependent on the organisation’s needs and the issues to be resolved. The workshops form the bridge between traditional knowledge and data intense training and desired actions and behaviours.

The workshops help managers integrate and make sense of multiple disparate initiatives.

To maximise effectiveness the programme must be:

  • mandatory
  • undertaken first by the Board and senior executives
  • led by respected business managers trained as Change Leaders
  • owned by the business, even if the programme is organised by a function
  • a facilitated workshop, not a lecture. It is about placing knowledge and intitiatives into each manager’s real world context to enable embedding. The workshops convert knowledge into behaviour.

Group dynamics are maximised when the workshops have:

  • 25 – 35 attendees
  • attendees from different parts of the business which brings diversity of perspective to the discussions. A collateral benefit is that it breaks down silos.
  • attendees are of similar level