Strategic Compliance

An effective Compliance culture is essential for the smooth operation of every organisation, large or small. Responsibility for being compliant with legislation, regulation and internal policies, belongs to everyone in the organisation. It cannot be delegated to the Compliance or Legal function.

The attitude and culture of compliance is more powerful than all the policies, rules, systems and procedures. A positive culture reduces risk and requires less resources. A negative culture will subvert intention and undermine investment in controls. A compliance culture is simply…

the way we do things around here, when no-one is watching.

We work with both the business and the Compliance function to ensure they understand their complimentary responsibilities and how to work more effectively together.

Our approach to compliance is to place all the legal and regulatory requirements into the broader context of the organisation’s values, industry and countries of operation. We integrate ethics, values, governance, social responsibility, risk, decision making and compliance into a single mind set.

Compliance should be built in, not checked for.


  • the evolution of compliance management from black letter law to strategic compliance
  • the 3 lines of defence – theory and practice
  • management, reporting and escalation
  • developing a compliance culture
    • assessment and diagnostics
    • business manager engagement
    • the integration of ethics, values, CSR and risk
    • managing local custom and norms in a global business
    • compliance in performance management
  • increasing the effectiveness of compliance communication
    • simplification of materials
    • development of snap-shot aids
    • integration of digital media
    • skills training for Compliance staff
  • working with regulators
    • purpose of regulation
    • the regulatory mind set
    • regulator engagement