Legal but Harmful


Legal but Harmful provides a new way of thinking about:

  • why we behave as we do;
  • how we form and change beliefs;
  • why truth, facts, logic and reason FAIL!
  • how beliefs shape behaviour;
  • what is right and wrong;
  • why top down training and communication fail; and
  • changing mind set and behaviour.

Our approach integrates:

  • the role of inherited biological behavioural drivers and how they impact cognitive decision making and behaviour;
  • the reasons why fact, truth and logic fail to change beliefs;
  • the limitations of behavioural models based on religions, philosophies and laws in our globalised interconnected world;
  • how harm and the Harm Principle bridge the chasm dividing differing cultures, mores and legal systems.

Legal but Harmful is a guide for understanding and improving corporate behaviour, reducing risk and in so doing, rebuilding trust. It will help you understand why:

  • rules, facts, truth and logic fail to change beliefs and shape behaviour
  • good people do bad things
  • compliance, ethics, communications and behaviour change programmes fail

Applying the knowledge in Legal but Harmful will help you:

  • build change and training programmes that cross cultural boundaries
  • become a powerful communicator, change agent and leader
  • improve trust and engagement.


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