Our Approach

Our Philosophy

The answers are there. The skill is to set them free.

The answers to most problems can be found within staff. Our goal is to create an environment where the problems are identified, solutions are rapidly developed and implementation is owned internally.

Build sustainable capacity.

Training talented high potential staff as Change Leaders to implement our programmes is more effective, both in outcome and cost. Once the programme is completed, the Change Leaders remain, providing a permanent, highly skilled resource.

Complement, don’t duplicate.

Our programmes are designed to complement human resource and training initiatives.

Changing behaviour takes more than knowledge.

Our Engagement Cascade™ is a flexible approach to embedding the programme once the formal workshop cycle is completed. The techniques have been used to ensure understanding and adoption of policies, business principles and even alert staff to high risk issues such as cyber crime.

Start from the Top

Board and executive support is essential beyond providing budget. We do not believe whole of organisation change can be undertaken if those at the top do not actively support and participate in the program. The tone from the top needs to be set by more than words and money.

Followers reflect the attitudes and  emulate the behaviours of leaders.

Our services:

  1. Design and development of custom programmes
  2. Delivery of workshops
  3. Facilitation of problem solving workshops