An unintended consequence of globalisation is the clash of cultures and values systems. We operate in a multi-faceted world where staff, customers and suppliers are unlikely to have a common view of what is right and wrong, good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable.

Multi-national corporations must manage differences in values in an environment of conflicting national laws and increased regulatory activism.

Our modules on Ethics and Behaviour include:

  • the origins of ethical systems
  • ethical relativity
  • the power of leaders and tribalism
  • the role of beliefs in shaping mind-set and behaviour
  • the limitations of using right and wrong
  • the pitfalls of using legality as the standard for behaviour
  • the limited ability of facts and knowledge to change beliefs
  • making your corporate values, codes, policies and procedures resonate
  • reframing values, decision making and behaviours using the universal standard of harm

    These are my principles, and if you don’t like them, ….   …  I have others  ... Groucho Marx