Most people are never taught how to communicate effectively, yet we spend most of our day reading, writing, talking, meeting and presenting.

Communications skills impact the effectiveness of leaders, individuals, teams and corporations.

Great communicators understand that compelling communications is more than presenting data and facts clearly and concisely in a logical, grammatically correct form. Though that is a good start!

value of comms

Who should attend?

  • 2nd line staff  – to improve effectiveness with the business
  • managers  – who want to deliver engaging presentations and increase their powers of influence
  • trainers – to explore new techniques in understanding
  • teams – to change team dynamics

Our modules on Compelling Communications include:

  • understanding how we perceive meaning
  • non-verbal communications
  • techniques for building rapport
  • perspective and point of view
  • managing emotion and conflict
  • the power of questions
  • active listening
  • differentiating claims, wants and needs
  • the role of story
  • designing and delivering magical presentations
  • effective facilitation
  • overcoming structural and cultural communication barriers
  • integrating traditional and digital channels
  • communications’ role in effecting behaviour change
  • the Engagement Cascade™

4 dimensions