Culture is critical. The work culture is the differentiating force that changes a worker from just turning up for work, to one who engages and makes things happen. It is the fulcrum that leverages performance and aligns behaviours.


Culture is simply the way we do things round here.’ It is a function of the organisation’s lived values, made tangible through the visible behaviours and expressed attitudes of its constituent members.

Regulators are focusing on corporate compliance culture.

A compliance culture is the way we do things around here, when no-one is watching.

A positive culture allows a corporation to operate with less controls, less rules, less policies and less internal policing. It is cheaper and more effective. Compliance and risk managers change from policing to advising and monitoring.

A negative culture destroys value, increases risk and decreases effective top down control.

Our modules on Culture and Behaviour include:

  • understanding the components of culture
  • culture as a tool of control
  • creating culture through myths, beliefs and story telling
  • drivers of behaviour
  • dissecting your corporate culture and its impact
  • evaluating results from culture surveys (if any)
  • developing your ideal culture
  • identifying actions to make the change happen